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About Us


 Our Mission

Here at Mayhem Machine Tool our goal is to breathe new life into the retro firearms world.  Using our real world experience and our high end design and  manufacturing abilities, we aim to create products that help blend modern high end shooting sports with the classic aesthetics that we all know and love. 

Solving the carry handle crisis 

The recent surge in popularity of the carry handle upper has caused scarcity throughout the industry. Most suppliers are forced to wait on large industrial forges to supply the raw forgings, which are then machined into finished receivers.  

     We took a different approach. Our receivers are shaped from solid billet aluminum, removing excess material until the desired product is achieved.  

      The advantage of this approach is that we are not bound by conventional receiver patterns, or waiting ages for forgings while being forced only to buy large quantities.

      This allowed us to start from the ground up, engineering new designs that are both practical and follow the classic aesthetics we all appreciate. 

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